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BYU Office of the CIO
Former Chief Information Officer
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The Office of the CIO strives to enrich the BYU and CES environment through the application of information technology (IT) principles, practices, and systems. We endeavor to support the institutional mission by helping students, staff, and faculty reach their full potential and making education more inspiring, comfortable, productive, and safe.

Our vision is to provide legendary service and value hallmarked by "finished" products. We run a web services infrastructure that provides the entire campus with the tools necessary to expose, run, and monitor services. With increasing transparency throughout the development process, projects will be completed and issues will be resolved quickly and economically by consistent communication and automation throughout each project lifecycle.

It has long been our dream to make IT more effective by involving others in its creation. Through the creation of services we are not hoping that "if we build it they will come", but rather "they will come and help build it". I invite you to join us in this exciting effort!

IT is clearly part of the fabric of everyday life…
Kelly Flanagan, Former CIO

Our Values
Our Focus
Our Passion

CRITERIA for Success

Our CRITERIA values are a set of guiding principles for our employees strategically designed to encourage the behaviors that improve our organization and make it more effective.


Our focus is to educate God's children and bring them to Christ.

We seek inspiration and innovation through the Spirit of the Lord. All the work we do here has this underlying foundation.

ITB Light

Code, clouds, data, hardware, and software are our siren song.

We are passionate about technology, and we recognize that technology is a tool by which we can further God's purposes here on Earth among His children.

BYUB Control Room

Our Vision: Provide Legendary Service.
Our Services
We are working hard to make your IT systems superior.
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Service & Support
We make your department's success our number one priority.
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We plan years ahead so tomorrow's solutions are available today.
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Data Driven
Our university is a river of information, and we channel its flow.
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Security & Accessibility
Our solutions ensure secure access to campus information systems.